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We supply outstanding blinds for schools.

At CBS we design and make outstandingly successful blinds for schools. Blinds are very important for teaching rooms. The right product can considerably enhance teaching and learning - by maintaining optimum light levels, controlling glare and allowing natural ventilation.

Specially designed school blinds can also reduce the cost of lighting, and of heating and cooling. And specially designed school blinds need little or no maintenance. Using standard blinds, not designed for schools, means missing out on these benefits – and can be expensive!

Our College Blind is a blind for schools which originated with demands for stronger systems, to combat misuse. It is crank operated and has proved an outstanding success. Today College Blind is widely used in Primary and Secondary schools, Colleges and Universities.

We also have many other blinds for schools in our range. Please go to PRODUCTS above.


In addition to BLINDS, CBS supply LIGHTING and WALL PROTECTION for schools and other markets. Please visit our other websites:

LIGHTING:                 www.cbslighting.co.uk

WALL PROTECTION:   www.cbsprotection.co.uk 


CBS blinds, curtains and other products are also specified for OFFICES, MUSEUMS and GALLERIES, HOSPITALITY and ACCOMODATION. Please go to PROJECTS, above.

  • We manufacture in England. This gives us control of quality - and delivery times.
  • Our philosophy is based on integrity, quality and efficient service.
  • We look after you because we want you to come back!
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