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College Blinds® at Abertay University

The Abertay University in Dundee leads research in areas which have genuine relevance and impact on society and the economy. It also leads UK universities in facilities designs including their Library and Student Centre. It was in the new hub for student resources which Abertay employed the CBS Blinds College Blind®.

The Student Centre at Abertay University was designed with large glazing sections to fill the environment with floods of light. However large glazing can cause serious problems for some blind manufacturers who might insist upon ruining the clean look of the glass with small width blinds that dissect the large windows rather than framing them.

The College Blind® was the clear solution to the problem. Our most hardworking blind the College Blind® is capable of reaching drops and widths which competitors couldn’t even dream about. The Student Centre windows were 2.5m wide and nearly 4m high, the College Blind® was the only viable option in Abertay. But the College Blind® was not only selected because of its unique strength, combined with the CBS Blinds fabric range the blind became an important aspect of the universities environmental mandate. The silver backed emerald faced fabric acts as a heat reflector in summer and an insulator in winter. Installation by Workspace Limited, Perth.

The College Blind® is available now from CBS Blinds.

kampus blindkampus blind
College Blind

College Blind®

College Blind® is designed to be maintenance free, with a ten year guarantee.

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Kampus Blind

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3e Blind®

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Reef Blind

Reef Blind®

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