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Lancashire County Cricket Club

The Players and Media Centre at Emirates Old Trafford is one of the most impressive in any sporting stadium. The multi million pound development incorporates a Players’ Dining Room, Press Gallery and Lounge, Studios and Radio Rooms, as well as a tiered auditorium for 110 delegates and provides an amazing view of the famous ground which has played host to some of the greatest matches in English Cricket over the past century and a half.

The stadium offered some very interesting challenges for CBS Blinds. First of all the stands featured tilted glazing which could cause some manufacturers real difficulties. Secondly, it was vital that spectators could see the action even when the sun was beating down on the window. A blind is only useful if it blocks sun light but at Old Trafford we needed to produce a blind which expelled glare from direct sunlight but allowed spectators to see every inch of this beautiful, history ground.

Our solution was the Electric College Blind®, effortless, smooth and guaranteed by us the Electric College Blind® was specified by architects Building Design Partnership to follow the glazing and use a charcoal mesh fabric which would allow the spectator to see the game unfold without the dangers and discomfort of solar glare. Installation was by Curtain and Blind Specialists, Lancaster.

The Electric College Blind® is available now from CBS Blinds.

college blind
College Blind

College Blind®

College Blind® is designed to be maintenance free, with a ten year guarantee.

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electric college blind

College Blind® Electric

College Blind® Electric is for larger sized windows, typically installed in atriums, meeting rooms...

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Kampus Blind

Kampus Blind®

Kampus Blind® is a strong, economical and safe blind with a ten year guarantee. 

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3e Blind®

3e Blind®

3e Blind® – a motor operated blind which combines immaculate smooth performance with amazing looks.

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Akademy Blind

Akademy Blind®

Akademy Blind® is a basic, contract roller blind easy to install and excellent value for money, manufactured in the UK.

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Reef Blind

Reef Blind®

Reef Blind® is a simple, cost effective blind for rooflights, manually operated and manufactured in the UK.

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Dolomite Blind

Dolomite Blind®

Dolomite Blind® is a new blackout roller system for education, healthcare and home cinema schemes with strong...

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50/50 Blind

50/50 Fabric®

50/50 Fabric offers users greater control over their environment by using two different...

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